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For us, being "green" isn't a new thing; even our logo reflects how running an eco-friendly business is at the centre of our values.

Over our 24 years at Long Hazel Park, we have planted over 2000 trees. The hazelnut tree is one of the most environmentally friendly trees going and is known to pull a considerably higher amount of carbon from the atmosphere than other trees. It also uses distinctly less water than most other types of trees. In 2019, we overhauled some of the older pine trees to help reduce the acidity of the grass and improve grass growth. We replaced these with cherry blossom and magnolia trees to help promote wild and bumble bees.

Since 2019, we have worked on filling our planters with plants more suited to tropical weather. This helps to overcome the dryest days in summer in an eco-friendly way and allowed our plants to thrive. We also use palm trees and yukkas around the park to avoid extra water waste. Our plants are primarily watered with rainwater collected in large water buts and we use a special built-in, water saving formula in our hanging baskets to ensure that the highest amount of water is absorbed. We encourage our customers to use any waste water to help water our trees, keep our grass green and hydrate our plants during their stay.

In our recent shower block overhaul, we switched to LED lighting throughout and changed over to eco-friendly hand driers to avoid extra paper waste. We have push taps and showers throughout to ensure that taps aren't left running and our showers and washing areas are clad with recycled plastic. We used local tradesmen and suppliers to help with our makeover.

In 2019, we also installed enivoronmentally friendly solar panelling across our buildings and our shower block is now successfully run on solar energy. Any energy not used by us on site is fed back to the National Grid.

We made a change to our Christmas decorations by switching to the greener option of LED bulbs in our recycled Somerset carnival lights. We also decorate with hand made decorations made from offcuts of trees felled throughout the year.

We renovated our Reception area using pallets from a local bulb wholesale business and turned these in to a wonderful coffee table. The chairs in Reception area are ones we inherited with the business, given a sand and polish and the seating cleaned up. The flooring is made from recycled plastic and the photo frames are upcycled.

Our Reception houses lots of local information and we have made a conscious effort to display information for Somerset's many attractions to reduce mileage for our customers. We display information for local walks, pubs, farm shops and timetables for public transport.

We sell our own eggs on site, from our own chickens and their byproducts are used as an eco-friendly fertiliser for our plants. We also use our grass cuttings as mulch around the trees and hedges. Most of our trees house home made bird boxes, which are produced from offcuts of wood from other major projects around the park. Many of our hedges also house insect hotels to ensure sustainable pollination from wild bees. There are also a number of hedgehog houses hidden away in our hedgerows. We even use recycled tin cans as plant pots!

We use eco-friendly cleaning products throughout our shower block and lodges. Our custom-scented air fresheners even use natural oils rather than aerosols.

A particularly long-lived feature of our park is the recycling system and we are always over the moon when our guests help reduce, reuse and recycle too. Our Tourist Board and AA inspections have outlined how proud of our recycling facilities they are over the years!